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The Search

Most of the world walks in fear
they do not know what's right.
They go from thing to thing and place to place
but they simply have no sight.

They move from darkness where they are
to the darkness where they go.
They say that life is better here
than where they were before.

But something's missing every time
when they go from here to there.
Their hearts and minds don't understand
how they moved to someplace bare

And soon their mind says 'no not here,
this place isn't right.'
So they search and search and dream and dream
and wish with all their might.

They take one more step, make one more move
and then they move again.
"Is this all there is to life?
A search with out an end?"

Then one day their heart feels strange
their mind begins to whorl.
Remembrance of the truth comes back
the truth of this small world.

The truth their parents spoke to them
those truths of long ago.
The truth now coming from their heart
and coming through their soul.

That God is good and God is right
to follow Him's the key.
To say to all what Jesus said
to all like you and me.

Man shall not live by bread alone
no food will satisfy.
It's the word of God that provides for us
so we'll hold His name on high.

Don't search for things or places to go
you'll be sad and unsatisfied.
Our life on earth is service to Him
to walk humbly by His side.

Happiness is not 'out there'
It's totally an inside job.
God's in your heart, your mind, your soul
Now it's up to you to decide

To decide if you're going to follow the world
And be part of its horrible system
Or decide if you're going to follow the truth
And let God be the source of your wisdom

     ~A MountainWings Original by George Rasor~
     from the creators of the websites

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