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What Do You Do?

What do you do when the load gets heavy?
When the toll of life is a huge levy
What do you do when the strong get weak?
When the pains and pressures make you long for sleep

When bills are high and money is low
When price hikes are fast and pay raises slow
When the cost of living seems to never end
When the money is gone before you spend

When do you do when your body complains
When the years of toil the joy has drained
When the laughter of youth is a difficult task
When a few hours sleep is a sweet repast

What do you do when the butterflies of love have flown?
When the hand you hold is yours alone
When you wish you could share all the things that be
When all you share is late night TV

What do you do is a question indeed
When that answer is found you will fill a need
When all throughout man’s history
When men have wondered about the things that be

What do you do won’t be found on TV
When their only purpose is to sell to thee
When all life’s problems and things gone sour
When everything’s fine in the space of an hour

What to do won’t be found in the taste of wine
When wine is cleared things are often less kind
When wine turns to liquor and then to drugs
When the reason of man is swept under the rugs

When nothing this material world has to give
When the void can’t be filled by the life you live
When the emptiness seems to grow ever cold
When the pull of it all rivals a black hole

When you have decided there’s nothing you can do
When you have said to yourself “I’m through!”
When you have reached the limit of your might
When you realize that you’ve lost the fight

When you have reached the point beyond self
When you pull a dusty book from the shelf
When you open and read with an open heart
When God can enter you can have a new start

~A MountainWings Original by Nathaniel H. Bronner Jr.~

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