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The day I quit, more than 30 years ago now, I was smoking more
than three packs per day.

I was on the job when I felt a sharp pain deep in my chest.
That was my wakeup call I guess, or perhaps my MountainWings Moment
regarding smoking.

I knew the time had come to quit. I threw away my cigs and never picked
them up again. Here are the steps I took:

First, God was the only one I told and I prayed often for strength.
Had I told any family or friends they would have been asking me how it was
going on a daily basis. I did not want that constant reminder.

Second, whenever the need for a cigarette became so strong I was in danger
of giving in, I would make some kind of change in my physical circumstances.

I would move about the room;
I would stop one job and start another;
anything to distract myself from the urge to smoke.

Third, I no longer took breaks with the smokers and tried not to be near
anyone while they were smoking. I guess it could be summed up by saying all
it took was a change in behavior.

In two weeks I was free.

My wife did not notice until she began to wonder why the ashtrays were always clean.

My coworkers did not discover I had quit until long after it was a done deal.

It's been so long now that the very thought of smoking is repugnant. 

You can do it.

~A MountainWings Original by Marion Wike, North Fort Myers, Fl.~
Inspired from MountainWings issue "The Courage to Fight"

      from the creators of the websites

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