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The Soldier

Have you ever really fought in a war?
Have you ever seen the blood and gore?
Have you ever had death knock at your door?
Coming from the muzzle of a rifle’s bore?

War is not pretty, it is not cute
It is enough to make even strong men puke
Avoid it we would, most would rather fight not
There is no comfort or joy in a field army cot

The Word says “There will be wars and rumors of wars”
Whether they be full blown or mostly saboteurs
It is brought to our door or perhaps we go there
The soldier does not decide the when or the where

Duty bound and honor clad trotting to a far off land
Some still teens carrying the full weight of a man
They didn’t choose the fight nor make the policy
They only stood up and said “If someone must go send me.”

We honor those who choose to serve
They’ve never received all they deserve
For keeping us comfortable and away from harm
They are the reason we’ve never seen an exploding bomb

They are the reason we are safe in our beds
They are the reason our only war is in our heads
They are the ones whose life took the risk
They are the ones whom their loved ones miss

We honor both the fallen and standing
Those who follow and those commanding
Their courage and sacrifice shouts like a lion’s roar
For there will always be rumors, There will always be war

               ~A MountainWings Original~
 from the creators of the websites

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