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A Talk With God

Today I spoke with the Lord
I had so much to say
Talked of all the troubles
I encountered through each day

I know He heard my plea for help
And gently wiped my tears
He settled earthly nerves and shame
Each problem and my fears

I humbly bowed before Him
As He soothed my tears away
My child be still, renew your strength
As a year to Him is less than a day

"Believe Me, you must trust Me
Don't you doubt or look behind
I sincerely love you
And I'll give you peace of mind"

"There are things that you must go through
Without a shadow of a doubt
But rest assured I'll be right there
And I will bring you out"

"I am always here to comfort
As you struggle in your life
Remember you have adversaries
Who will take you through some strife"

"Just remember I'll be back one day
To claim you as my own
Be vigilant, you watch and pray
Don't let your heart turn into stone"

"When I say I will return
You know I'll keep my word"
These things ignited sparks in me
Like the greatest story ever heard

Immediately I felt a calm
Piercing my soul
I thanked the Lord for everything
Emotions running bold

I love the Lord with all my heart
No one can change my mind
About His love and grace and strength
Which comes through space and time

These talks we have are special
And you can have them too
He is standing by and waiting
As He has love also for you

He'll never leave you or forsake you
Always will be by your side
Even through temptations
His arms are open wide

No matter what the problem
No matter how severe
Trust in Him, have no doubts
He waits for you down here

Soon He'll take us home with Him
We'll have to cry no more
Just talk to God and you will see
He's what a friend is for

~A MountainWings Original by Venesta Moore, Casa Grande, AZ~
 from the creators of the websites

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