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#7362              Wings Over The Mountains of Life

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The Day After

The presents are opened, gift wrapping paper thrown away,
Batteries are dead because the toys ran all day.

Crumbs under glass where the fruit cake lay
At last some needed rest for Santa's sleigh

The day is gone but not the reason
Joy is not confined to just one season

So turn up a smile and walk the extra mile
Let all past feuds be reconciled

It is not so important what happens on that day
There are 364 more coming your way

What really matters is not the one day appointed
That one day is not specially anointed

No wreaths, bells, stars, lights or trees
Mark most days with blessings that you receive

Time to get going again; this year is done.
Understand the real reason God sent His son.

~A MountainWings Original~

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