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The movie "The Bucket List" is about two men with a terminal
illness. All of the things that they wanted to do in life are
in a list called The Bucket List, the list of things to do
before they kick the bucket. They decided to "do" the list.

Some of the things were quite adventurous. I don't have a medical
terminal illness, but all of us have limited time in these bodies.
I have a bucket list, and I figure I've got about 50 years left.

One of the things in my bucket was to make music. My latest
project is "Words for Healing" at
That's the project of a minister and it helps to heal people.

Long before I was a minister there was another type of music
in the bucket. I recently transferred two of the three music
projects onto a modern format. It was music that I made in the
yesteryears. It's not gospel; it is far from it, but it was
from the heart of where I was at the time. This was long before
I was a minister. Long before!

If you only listen to gospel music then please don't
listen to these songs; they ain't for church.

Perhaps there are things that you need to get out of your bucket?
Things that are safe and wholesome but may be on the edge from
your day-to-day routine. Today is my birthday, and I've got a
ticket to fly in a hot air balloon and drive a race car. The #1
ranked NASCAR driver right now is Jimmie Johnson.

Jimmie, move over.

At least the songs are out of the bucket.

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    Songs from Yesteryear by Bronner Brothers-Nathaniel Bronner
        copyrighted by Neighbor Records but they are free to download and share

From the CD "Fantasy 

From the CD "Million Dollars"

Simple Girl Glad You Came My Way
Sweet Love Desire
Cheatin On Me Has Anybody Seen That Girl?
Fantasy What Good Is A Million Dollars?
What Do i Have To Do? You Are The One
I Wish It Were Yesterday Dream Machine
Fine Thang Irresistible
That's It Don't Stop Ring-A-Ling-A-Ding-Dong
Guinea Pig Midnight Is For Lovers
Will You Marry Me? So Mad About You
Memories Still Hang On  
Fine Thang Remix  

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