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Teacher's Aide

As divinely instructed, we have begun mailing the Words for
Healing CD to EVERY hospital in the U.S., all 6,572 hospitals.
It will take us about ninety days to complete the project.

The CDs go to the heads of nursing or patient care. If you work
in a hospital and wish to have a CD for your department, have 
the head of your department write us on hospital letterhead, 
and we will send them a Words for Healing CD. Get the address 

One of the unexpected benefits has been the miraculous effects
that Words for Healing has on children. We have testimonies of
parents who use it to put their kids to sleep. The kids have
even come into their parents? rooms in the middle of the night
asking if they could please put on that pastor when the parents
forget to start the CD.

I saw the effect first-hand with my kids when riding in the Jeep.
When I first played Words for Healing the kids got quiet amidst
their normal backseat clamor. I wondered what were they into.
Parents get suspicious when children get suddenly quiet.
They ask to go to sleep by Words for Healing.

This is our first testimony from a teacher, but then this is the
first teacher to our knowledge who has tried it in a classroom.


Before coming to work this morning I ran back into the house to
get my Words for Healing CD. For the past three months my
classroom has been a morning scream zone.

I've tried everything from anointing the children to feeding
them junk. Yet one continues to scream no matter what.

This morning I said, "I'm going to put on the Words for Healing
CD and see what happens. After all, what do I have to lose?"

She came in screaming as usual, but I had the CD on. As her
mother left, she screamed. I turned up the CD.

She stood in the same place for a solid hour right in front of
the CD player just listening.


Words for Healing has given peace in my classroom.

~Artie Williams~

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