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The Nanny's Sleep

The nanny had seen the effect it had on the kids. Usually very
rambunctious, when they listened to the CD they quieted down and
were soon asleep.

"I've heard everyone talk about this CD. I want to try it to
see if it really works," she said. My wife, Puddin, gave her
one of the copies lying around the house.

Two days later, she said, "I've tried to listen to that CD
four times now and each time I fall asleep."

Jennifer (the nanny) is from Arkansas and is a college
student. She is the first one from her family to attend
college. Her teenage brother was getting into trouble in
Arkansas, so he moved here and is staying with her. Jennifer
allows him to stay and attend high school here as long as he
stays out of trouble.

"My brother had been having bad dreams and couldn't sleep,"
she said. "I let him listen to the CD last night. He said that
he went straight to sleep and had no bad dreams. This thing
really works!" was her final comment.

Sleep was the last thing that I figured Words for Healing
would produce. I thought that it would simply heal, but my
thoughts are not His. Perhaps what needs healing first is our
peace. What relief just a good, sound peaceful night's sleep

Sooner or later you will have a period where you can't sleep
and/or when your body, mind, and spirit need healing and
relief. Just as you have some select medicines in your
medicine cabinet for the times when you need them, you need
Words for Healing in your cabinet.

Sooner or later, you or someone you love will need it.

Sooner or later.

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