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The Missing Burger

I struggled with the burger.
Many around the world are getting ready to embark upon 42.

42 is a powerful and free program designed to cleanse the mind,
body and spirit. The body cleansing program requires a special
diet and fasting during 42 days.

The diet consists of periods of steamed vegetables, raw fruits
and vegetables and fasting. I had included one daily indulgence
of a veggie burger patty.

Veggie burgers aren't the purest of foods, particularly because
of the high sodium content. Salt (sodium) is used in foods for
two primary reasons. The obvious one is taste, but a secondary
reason is that salt is a powerful preservative.

Microorganisms can't live and reproduce in the midst of a lot
of salt. Salt kills them. Highly salted foods kill people too.
One of three Americans has high blood pressure. Excess salt is a
major component of high blood pressure; and high blood pressure
contributes to heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure and a host
of other maladies.

Fortunately one veggie burger, the Gardenburger(r) flame-grilled
had only 125mg of sodium. Other veggie burgers usually had over
400mg of sodium.

So a daily low-sodium veggie burger was allowed during 42.
125mg of sodium was a tolerable allowance during a cleanse,
or at least that was the best that I could find.

I went to to place the link on the 42 page so
that people could find where to buy that particular burger near
where they lived. I checked the sodium content on the website.

420mg per patty. Wait a minute! I was looking at the package
which clearly read 125mg but the website said 420mg. Obviously
the webmaster had made an error. I contacted Gardenburger to
let them know of their error.

Below is the email response that I received:

Mr. Bronner,

Thank you for contacting us regarding Gardenburger(r) Flame

Kellogg(r) has recently acquired Gardenburger, and we are working
hard to upgrade the manufacturing facility to meet our high-
quality standards. With all these new changes we have
reformulated a lot of the products as well, so the salt content
is now 420mg per serving. You can trust the label on your box as
this may be a box that had not been reformulated.

We appreciate your interest in our company and products.

Yvette Hernandez
Consumer Affairs Department

Kellogg North America
Battle Creek, MI 49016-1986

So much for the low-sodium burger. The burger would taste better
to the average person but was now far less healthy for you.

I removed the veggie burger from the allowed foods. People at
the church began complaining. Many are planning to do 42.

"That one veggie patty a day was my respite!" they said.

"I NEED that burger!"

Who would have thought it would be that much fuss over a veggie
patty. The best that I could find was a 250mg veggie patty but
that variety is not in most grocery stores.

So I placed the burger back in the allowed foods for the first
21 days. In my book FAT2Fine on, I expound upon the
health detriment of sodium heavy foods. So for those of you who
really want to remain as clean as possible during 42, let the
burger go. For those who need it, the missing burger is back.

~A MountainWings Original~

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