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Today We Begin

He's my oldest son.
He's 12 years old, and he starts 42 today.

A couple of weeks ago as he heard me talk about 42 he asked me,
"What exactly is 42?" I told him to go to and click
42 and read about it.

Three days later he came to me and said,

"Daddy, I want to do 42."

I was rather shocked. It's not the kind of thing the average
12-year-old embarks upon.

Once you read of the rigors of 42 many will ask,

"Is it safe for a 12-year-old?"

They will ask because 42 involves a few days of fasting. People
often ask if fasting is safe yet every major religion (and most
minor ones too) mandate fasting as a spiritual requirement.

So is it safe for my 12-year-old son?

At 12, he is about the same height and weight as my father.
My father was a slim man.

Some would question the wisdom of allowing a 12-year-old to
undergo such a program, but we rarely question it when they eat
pizza, French fries, potato chips, candy, milk shakes, sodas,
cereal that is mostly sugar, etc. We freely allow those elements
into their bodies; and as a result, today's youth have a
skyrocketing rate of obesity, but we question a practice
sanctioned since the dawn of recorded history.

Once he read about 42, he had sense enough to know that it
would benefit him. We begin today. Although 42 begins on July
1st we are following the Biblical day which begins at sundown.

So at sundown, a 12-year-old will begin what so many adults need.

At 12 Jesus spoke "...I must be about my father's business."

Smart boy.

~A MountainWings Original~

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