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Unusual - 4 for 20
His t-shirt read, "I'm Not Mean; I Just Don't Like You."
I saw the young man with the rather unusual shirt. Not that
such a shirt was so unusual, I've seen worse, just not in church.

I saw him in church and his shirt blazed his message for all to
see. Should I instruct the ushers to ask the young man to change
his shirt? We had a shirt that we could give him that would be
far more appropriate. I decided against it and let it be.

At the end of service, he came down for salvation and told me
afterwards that message 5437 had affected him deeply. If I had
asked the ushers to offer him another shirt, he would have
likely been offended and either left or at a minimum shut down.

The shirt sticks in my mind and the power of the principle.
Shirts are powerful billboards that can spread either positive
or negative spirit and results. You can literally wear something
that will influence and forever change a person for the better
or worse, and you don't have to do anything but wear it.

Thus, 4 for 20.

What's 4 for 20?

It's four life-changing t-shirts for 20 dollars; 4 for 20.
You are asking, "What t-shirts and why so cheap?"

First, why so cheap? Marketers tell you to never use the word
"cheap" but use "inexpensive" or "value priced" instead.

These are high quality heavy weight 100% cotton premium t-shirts.
They are anything but cheap. They normally sell for $14 plus $3
postage each or $68 for four. Four for 20 is almost like buying
one and getting three free. In any words, that's cheap.

So why so cheap since we will lose money on each order?

Because when you wear the shirt there is a strong probability
that it will change someone who sees you wearing it. They will
see it and investigate and make a decision one way or the
other. That decision may change their lives if they make the
right one. When that happens, I will get credit in my heavenly
bank account. Your heavenly bank account also increases.

It's that simple. There is no other motive. I am willing to
decrease my earthly bank account to increase my heavenly one.

Are you willing to do the same?

Consider a walk through a crowded mall. At least 500 people will
pass by you and your t-shirt. Of that 500 at least 200 will read
a vibrant eye-catching shirt. Of that 200, 20 or so will wonder,
"What in the world is that?" and investigate what's on the shirt.
Of that 20, one or two will make a positive decision.

Just a walk through the mall could change the lives forever of
one or more people. Thus is the power of an anointed garment.

Thus is your power and potential.

The 4 for 20 includes postage to anywhere in the U.S. so there is
no "gotcha" with hidden postage and handling fees.

God Loves YOU and so do I.

See the 4 for 20 shirt at

~A MountainWings Original~

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