Instructions for changing your homepage to another page.
1. Open your web browser, (Internet Explorer in most cases)
    and go to the page that you want to set your homepage to.

2. Click "Tools" on the menu.  (for Netscape click "Edit")

3. Click "Internet Options."  (for Netscape click "Preferences")

4. Click the "General" tab.  (skip this step for Netscape)

5. The first field is "Homepage,"  Immediately under the homepage 
     address field click "Use Current."  The web address of the page
     you were on will be placed in the homepage address field.

6. Click OK, your homepage is now set to the page that you were on.

Alternative method:
You may also type in the Homepage address field the homepage that 
you want or click "Default" which is usually

Your homepage may be your internet provider or email service such as,, etc.

Be sure to type in the web address of your former homepage then 
click OK and you should be restored back to where you were before.