MountainWings       A MountainWings Moment
#POL1              Wings Over The Mountains of Life

Parables of Life

"Do you have a book?" "Do you have a book?" "Do you have a book?"
That's the question that you have repeatedly asked.
Until "MountainWings Moments - Parables of Life,"
that answer has always been "NO."

We worked overtime putting together one of the most awesome books 
ever.  We took the best 112 MountainWings originals and made them 
even better by adding over 100 illustrations.

We chose the best of the issues to include in the book, the 
issues that you loved.  When you give "Parables of Life," 
they will love those issues too.

Think of those relatives and friends whom you wanted to forward 
a MountainWings issue to but they didn't have an e-mail address. 
Now you can give them the best of MountainWings in a beautiful book.

Many gifts are often unused and quickly forgotten. 
"Parables of life" will do what MountainWings has done for 
thousands: change lives and perspectives and help those who 
receive it fly over their mountains or maybe turn mountains of
burdens into mountains of joy and singing.

It won't be thrown away and will likely inspire generations.

"Parables of Life" is not a cheap skinny book.  The hardback
cover looks and feels like fine tartan red leather with gold 
embossed lettering and a beautiful full color dust jacket.
It is printed in the same easy to read spacing as MountainWings 
so it reads fast.  The type is large and easy to read.

Order directly from the website and save 20% off the cover price.

How many friends and relatives do you have who will benefit as 
you have by reading the best of the MountainWings Originals?
Perfumes and neckties are nice, but you need to give something 
for the inside instead of just the outside.

"Parables of Life - The Best of MountainWings" is waiting.

Get each book for only $19.95 + $3 s&h.  It's money well spent 
on a gift that keeps on giving by inspiring those you care about.  
Get a FREE $10.00 MountainWings t-shirt with each 3 books.

You can also place a gift order and have it shipped to the 
person(s) as a gift and your holiday shopping is finished.

We will even send a nice card along with each gift order.
How's that for making it easy for you?

To order "Parables of Life" and take the guesswork and hassle 
out of gift giving, or just to look at the cover and gift card, 
click below or go to and click Books:

I make this guarantee.  If "Parables of Life" is not what 
I claim, if you or anyone you give it to doesn't benefit greatly 
from it, return it within 90 days for a full refund.

But I won't give you your $19.95 back.

I will give you your $19.95 PLUS the $3.00 s&h.
I will give you ALL of your money back.

I really believe this book will make a difference to all who 
read it just as MountainWings has.  I have read every MountainWings 
issue several times.  I had to proofread the book three times.

Each time I finished, there was a tingle all over me.
You will feel it.  Those whom you give it to will feel it also.
GUARANTEED!!! or ALL of your money back.

Thanks for being a part of MountainWings
Pastor Nathaniel
See you tomorrow