MountainWings       A MountainWings Moment
#XXXX              Wings Over The Mountains of Life

#XXXX  To Find or Send any MountainWings Issue

If you know the issue number,
simply type the url (www address) in your browser
address area in the following format:
(where xxxx is the four digit issue number)

Be sure to use .htm NOT .html 
as the final three characters.

If you donít know the issue number CLICK HERE 
and you can search the past issues by entering in
any word or phrase from the issue and find the issue#.

To send the issue to a friend,
send the url by email and your friend can click on it.

The url is:
( where xxxx is the four digit issue number)

Issue numbers are in the following four-digit format:

A = the last digit of the year.
2001 =1, 2002=3, 2003=3, 2004=4, etc
BCD = the Julian date

The Julian date is the day number of the year,
for example, January 1st = 001, January 10th = 010
and December 31 =365

There is a new issue Monday thru Friday and Saturday and
Sunday are usually repeats.
That means there will be a new issue number M-F but NOT
usually on Sat and Sun unless it is a special edition.

Friday February 9, 2001 would be issue number 1040
There would be no new issue number for Sat Feb 10 and
Sun Feb 11 but Monday February 12 would be issue number

You may simply type in your browser the url in the format: to pull up any
particular issue.

For more instructions on forwarding emails and web pages
to a friend, CLICK HERE.

Thank you for inviting MountainWings in your mailbox.

See you tomorrow.