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Sweet Facts

Do you know what the number one candy in America is?

What sells the most? 

What package of confectionary delight satisfies the sweet tooth of more 
Americans than any other?

You probably don't know. 

This is just one of those interesting facts that I will throw in from time to 
time. You never know what to expect from MountainWings. If you did, 
you wouldn't get that little boost every day. 

Remember, an Eagle never has the same air under its wings. 
So it is with life, there is something different each day. 

So it is with MountainWings.

So what is the number one candy in the U.S.?

I would have said Mr. Goodbars if you had asked me before I knew the 
answer. I like Mr. Goodbars. They are full of fat and sugar, which are 
not very healthy, but I like them anyway. Does that sound familiar to 
you? Does that sound like you? Liking something that you know is not 
good for you. 

You probably think Snickers or some other candy bar is number one.

No. Actually it's not a candy bar at all.

It's M&M's. M&M's are the number one selling candy in America.

"So what," you say, "What's it to me if M&M's are the number one 

You can often learn a lesson from number one. Number one more often 
than not has done something right, something very right. No matter what 
the business, number one's have found and adhered to sound principles. 

So what did M&M do?

They solved a need. 

The rumor is that M&M's were developed so that soldiers could eat 
candy without getting their hands sticky. Soldiers weren't the only one 
that needed to keep their hands clean while eating candy. Your hands 
can get awful messy eating a Mr. Goodbar on a warm day. You know 
the slogan, "Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand." You don't get 
messy hands with M&M's. 

You would have thought that the best tasting candy would have been 
number one. No, it's the candy that doesn't mess up your hands.

M&M's are the only candy on the Presidential Jet, Air Force One. 
The number one man in the country eats the number one candy.

The business principle is this: 
Fill a genuine need and people will buy your product. 
Every problem has inherent within it a product that provides a solution. 
Even religion is like that. It promises to solve problems.

If you are in business or wish to be, learn to look at the problems of life 
as potential best selling products. All you have to do is identify the 
solution and figure out how to package it.

There are greater problems in life than sticky fingers. You may have the 
answer to one of them that is a potential top seller. 
Now isn't that a sweet thought?
A MountainWings Original

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