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So what about Jesse?


An inspirational and entertaining e-mail should stay

away from controversial stuff but these are the

things that we all deal with daily.


So what about Jesse?


Jesse Jackson was the major subject of conversation

today. For those of you that have been off hiking in

a deep cave somewhere where neither, tv, radio, e-

mail, cell phone or pager could reach (that's about

the only way you didn't hear about Jesse's child)

here's a brief summary.


Jesse Jackson released a press statement that he had

a two year old child by a woman who worked for him.

Of course this is not his wife.


Nothing has ever ignited public curiosity like a good

sex scandal. I use the word "good" not referring to

the thing as good, but from a gossip standpoint, it's

unbeatable. Just as the Monica thing held the

headlines for so long, Jesse will now have his share

of the limelight.


So what about Jesse?


Was Jesse wrong? Of course he was. That is not the

point of this MountainWings. No matter what his

reasons, the simple virtue of him being a national

religious leader warranted him not projecting such an

image. He was wrong, period.


Have you ever been wrong?


I hear some of you saying, "not today, and I didn't

make a mistake that big".


More accurately, the world doesn't put your mistakes

on TV and you just didn't get caught with some of the

things you did.


Neither your opinion nor mine matters to Jesse or

Bill. They both have a hell storm of opinion

already. Even now Clinton is being drawn in because

Rev. Jackson visited Clinton with the pregnant woman

at the White House. Your voice simply won't be heard

amidst the clamor of media and the public.


In other words, it doesn't matter to them what you

say or think, they will never know.


But your opinion does matter. It matters to you.


How you judge others shapes your world, your heart

and your view.


Give them a break, for your own sake.


Can you carry 300 pounds on your back the length of a

football field?


"What does 300 pounds and a football field have to do

with Jesse?" you ask.


I'll explain.


Some men, very strong ones, can carry 300 pounds on

their back down a football field.

Some can but the vast majority can't.


Most have NO IDEA of the pressures of the famous and

public life. For famous, good looking, powerful,

ambitious, highly motivated and driven men to even

walk through an airport is an experience to behold.

The crowd surrounds them. They want autographs, a

word, a touch, a picture, an acknowledgement, or even

just a glimpse. When you see a really famous person

just driving down the street your heart speeds up.

Just being in the vicinity excites you. The crowd

goes crazy.


Some of that crowd consists of very beautiful and

willing women.

Not prostitutes or loose women, but women that are

awed by the presence and power of such men. Under

normal circumstances they would never consider a

married man.


These are not normal married men. They are



To constantly deal with EVERY DAY women that

literally throw themselves at you, (no not all of

them do but it doesn't take but one every now and

then) is a great weight. It's like carrying 300

pounds on your back down a football field. Most men

can't carry that load.


Neither Jesse nor Bill succumbed to the public women.

Bill had some rumors as Governor but nothing

significant except Monica as President. This is the

first public revealing of Jessie's dalliance. Both

were not with women from the public, but women they

worked around each day. One common statement was

that Monica was not exactly gorgeous. Oh, you heard

(and probably said) that too. It wasn't about



A picture of the mother of Jesse's child has not hit

the media yet, (it will) but I will bet people will

say that Jesse was not with her for her great beauty

either. Both Bill and Jesse had very beautiful women

available to them. They carried that load well. It

was the everyday things that got to them, not the

glamorous and exotic.


So it is with our lives.


It's the everyday things, not the exotic, that

usually makes or breaks our world.


Jesse got weak. After a long marriage, five

children, maybe the typical male middle or late age

crisis, a young woman, a seeming reassurance of

manhood, Jesse got weak.


I have seen the constant everyday pressure

celebrities undergo. I have been in the presence of

a few, including Jesse Jackson. Jesse was the guest

speaker at a function that my father hosted more than

20 years ago. He was famous then. The crowd

surrounded him then. He could barely get through the

airport then.


Celebrity weight is more than 300 pounds and it's

longer than a football field. It's easy to say what

you would not do but then you don't carry the weight

and you are not in the position. Don't even begin to

judge it unless you have experienced it. Everything

looks easy on TV and in the movies.


A celebrity is a celebrity everywhere but in their

own homes. When they get home, they are regular folk

with regular problems plus 300 pounds. Think about



Think of the things that you have to resist that come

at you each day.


How do you do on your diet?


See what I mean?


I make no excuses for Jesse or Bill, but I do

understand the weight and I cannot judge.


Neither can you.


Most who crucify cannot stand the light of public

scrutiny themselves if the public knew the truth.


One day, maybe not this day, but one day, you too

will make a major mistake. It won't make national

headlines or even local news. No one may know about

it but one other person. From that one person you

will need understanding and forgiveness.


It's a lot easier to get understanding and

forgiveness when you have given it.


Far too often, we are unable to forgive ourselves for

past mistakes.


Jesse's most popular saying is, "I am somebody".

He is somebody, he is a mixture of dust and divinity

as we all are.


He is now a somebody with one of his mistakes made

public.  The dust needs understanding and forgiveness, for

most dust gets weak under heavy loads.


So what about Jesse?


That's up to you.


Remember, he won't hear what you say about him,


But you will.


Could you stand your greatest mistake made public?


p.s. You received MountainWings twice yesterday.

That was a mistake in the scheduler program that

I made. At least that mistake won't make TV.
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