#1023  You Can't Please Everybody

I sincerely thank all of you for taking time to rate 
the last few MountainWings issues. Many of you even 
made comments about the issues. It was informative 
and it taught me another MountainWings lesson.

"You can't please everybody".

I really appreciate the ratings and the comments. 
You can all learn from what I learned.

"You can't please everybody."

This is the statistical breakdown of the ratings:
25% Rated 5 stars = Loved
33% Rated 4 stars = Really Liked
33% Rated 3 stars = Liked
0% Rated 2 stars = Just OK
8% Rated 1 stars = Didn't Like

Over 90% ranged between Liked and Loved. 
Approximately 10% don't and won't like MountainWings. 

I already knew that 10% wouldn't like MountainWings. 
How? That's another MountainWings story that I'll 
tell one day. 

What I really wanted to know was what style did 
people like? 

Did they like the personal stories of the daily 
revelations of the everyday things of life?

Did people prefer just the short quotes and jokes?

The deep stuff or the light stuff? 

What did people want?

The answer. 

Different people want different things. 

Some commented that they really like the personal 
stories which are relatively long. Some commented 
that they liked it short and simple. 

It was about 50/50.
It was not the answer that I expected.

How many times in life has the answer to a question 
not been as you expected?

So what's the point?

Not only can you not please everybody with the same 
thing. You can't even please one person with the 
same thing. Not ALL of the time.

Life is varied.
Mountains are varied.
Wind varies.
Even the feathers on wings are not identical.

There aren't even two snowflakes on snow covered 
mountains that are the same.

Life changes. . . 
And so shall MountainWings,
That's what you really want and need.

You won't know whether it will be short and simple or 
rather long and involved.

Aren't there times when you just need a quick answer 
and be on your way?

There are other times that you just need to talk, or 

The point is, there are times when you need speed and 
there are times when you need depth. They can be one 
in the same, for often a single word can carry the 
impact and meaning of an entire novel. 

Sometimes a silent glance speaks volumes.

In the Bible the word spirit is literally breath or 
wind. I shall try to remain sensitive to the winds 
of change and need and hopefully the wind of 
MountainWings shall be that which helps lift your 
wings for the day.

You may not love it or even like MountainWings all of 
the time. I sincerely hope you will like it MOST of 
the time. The point of life is not to change things 
so that they suit us all of the time. If you make 
that your goal in life, you will be sorely 
disappointed. You will never get every external 
thing "just right" ALL of the time.

For some, the short MountainWings will leave you 
wanting the depth of the long insights. 

You will need to learn that some things don't last as 
long as we want. We want a long, slow and tight hug, 
but all we get is a quick wave and a goodbye.

For others, the long MountainWings will have you 
saying "will he hurry up and get to the point!" You 
will need to learn that often the point IS patience 
and we are already in too much of a hurry.

E-Mail itself has airmail or next day delivery called 
snail mail. That which was once fast, is now slow. 
The world gives us the illusion that we are moving 

We aren't. 

We have fast communication with our pal in another 
state but we don't know the birthday of our next door 

In the old days you went next door and had a long 
talk with your neighbor, your friend. Now it's a 
quick e-mail and we often don't know what the other's 
house looks like. We've gone from see mail to e-mail 

and have been fooled that e is better than see.

The quick and simple, and the long and intricate, 
both have their place on the mountain.

The long ones will make half of you happy.
The short ones will make half of you happy.

"Now if half of you can see 
What the other half sees
Then everybody can be pleased."

That's the short yet profound quote for the day.

Thank you for inviting MountainWings in your mailbox.
See you tomorrow.