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Helping You Over The Mountains of Life #1027

Cold Ball

I played baseball with my son in the front yard today.

He's only 4 1/2. It was a plastic ball and a plastic bat.

Not exactly world series equipment.

It was freezing, about 35 degrees F.
He was bundled up and so was I. 
I am in pretty good physical shape 
and have excellent cold tolerance.

I got cold after about 10 minutes. 

My son never even noticed the chill.

"It's time to go inside," I said. "Why?" he questioned.

I don't think it was a difference in physical ability, 
his mind was on the ball and my mind was on the cold.

That little lesson from that little guy goes a long way.

We can either focus on the ball or on the cold.
There will always be plenty of both to go around.

So what if you don't have World Series equipment.
So what if it's cold.

Stop focusing on the cold things in life,
Even when it's cold, the sun is still shinning
There is just a cloud in the way.

See through the eyes of a child and. . .

Play Ball!
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