MountainWings - The Daily Inspirational E-Mail
#1032 Wings Over The Mountains of Life


Thanks for the help

I would like to thank those of you that have sent
encouraging words and submissions of materials
to MountainWings.com.

I would also like to thank those of you that said
you hated MountainWings. 

Yes, there actually was one that said they hated
such stuff.

That gave me the full range in MountainWings that
you will experience in life. 

Don't expect anything that you attempt to do to be 
met with all adoration and praise.

Remember, it's the tough stuff that makes you strong.

There have been three types of responses to MountainWings.

1. Good 2. Bad 3. None

That also reflects what you get in life.

The second largest response to MountainWings has been very positive.
The smallest group has been negative.

The largest group by far has said nothing.

Please don't respond to this issue, it would flood our e-mail 
if everyone decided to say something now. This is just an 
illustration of the way things will probably go in your life.

Most of the things in your life are neutral. 
It is a blank canvas waiting for the paintbrush of your heart.
It is an empty sound waiting for your voice to fill it.

A lot of the things are great and beautiful.

A few are hateful and nasty.

Most are waiting on you to define it.

Understand that in the material world it takes an opposite to 
define a thing.

You wouldn't know cold without hot.
Soft without hard
Dry without wet
Light without dark
Easy without difficult
Love without hate
Peace without war
Health without sickness
Prosperity without want
Joy without sadness

Yes, I am thankful for the one that hated MountainWings,
For that one marks the extreme of darkness
That makes the light shine brighter
It makes those of you who love it, all the more precious.

What do you want to paint today?

A MountainWings Original

Thank you for inviting MountainWings in your mailbox. 
See you tomorrow.
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