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. . .and a little child shall lead you.

Children can teach us a lot.

My son, the 4 1/2 year old one, taught me a lesson today.

He goes to school at 8:30 each morning.

He is typical of virtually all children and prefers to stay at home.
He has his usual whining about school each morning.
My wife will either pick him up at 1pm or 3pm depending on her schedule.

She started taking classes twice each week to get her real estate brokers license. 
Her class is from 9 to 5 each day. 
It is a 1 hour drive in the rush hour traffic to get to the class. 
That means she is out of the house by 8am twice each week 
and doesn't get home until after 6.

On those days, I take my son to school. 

Today was one of those days.

He was unusually quiet and cooperative. 
As we pulled into the school parking lot he said, 

"you know daddy, mama has to go to school a lot longer than I do."

I hadn't thought of it in those terms. Neither had he until this morning.

He learned the important lesson of relativity.

All things in the material world are relative.

His school didn't seem so bad now. 
Mama was gone from early until late. 
He was only at school until early afternoon. 
Suddenly things weren't so bad.

Life is relative.

Complaining about the job that you have to go to early each day?
Think about the over 10,000 I.T. workers laid off last month.

Complaining about the husband that won't help wash the dishes
or the wife who uses paper plates instead of washing dishes?
Think about the ones that took off and never came home for dinner.

Complaining about the extra bit of fat around your stomach?
Think about all those whose ribs show from lack of food.

"you know daddy, mama has to go to school a lot longer than I do."

Mama, exhausted from class all day, housework, 
childcare and driving, looks at her son and says, 
"boy, he sure has it easy."

Others look at mama and say, "boy, she sure has it easy, 
only two kids and a good husband."

Life is relative. Learn to see your blessings.

Though you, like my son, carry a heavy load based on your perception,

Boy, you sure have it easy.
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