MountainWings - The Daily Inspirational E-Mail #1038
Wings Over The Mountains of Life


Is your closet too crowded?

Perhaps the single greatest indicator of the overload that we have in 
life are closets. 

They are packed.

It doesn't matter how big our closets are. 

Sooner or later we fill them up.


There is a closet rule of life that states:

1. Clothes expand to fill all available closet space
2. Sooner or later if you keep getting more clothes 
you either have to:
A. Get more closet space
B. Get rid of some clothes

2B is what we hate to do.

But if we are TO BE what we are TO BE, 
we need to learn the rule of 2B and get rid of some clothes.

Time is like closet space. We have a limited amount of it.

We keep putting more and more things in until our time is cluttered.

The more cluttered it gets, the more things are out of place.

The time that we should be sleeping, we've got something else in 
that space.

The time that we should be spending with family, we've got 
something else in that space.

The time that we should have to ourselves to do whatever we do to 
help our spirit, we've got something else in that space.

Even as our closet hinges strain to keep from bursting, we still try to 
put more stuff in.

Take a look around your closet of time right now.

How much has accumulated 
that you should have gotten rid of long ago.

They still may be good clothes, but your closet is just too full.

We have habits that we formed in our teenage years 
that should have long ago been removed from our closets.

Some even have friends that should have long ago been removed, 
for they no longer fit our style or destination.

As you change and grow, you should change what's in your closet.

Maybe we don't need more stuff in the closet.

Maybe we don't need a bigger closet.

Maybe we just need to clean out some stuff 
and not with the purpose to make room for more stuff. 

We may just need some space,

In a lot of areas,

For a lot of reasons.

There is a spiritual saying 
that tells you to go into your closet to pray.

For many of us, there's simply no room. 

Go look at your bedroom closet right now.
Chances are, it will reflect your closet of time.

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