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#1056 Wings Over The Mountains of Life

What grade are you in? 

As I was taking my son to school he asked me,
"Daddy, do you go to school?"

The question hit me. 

I instantly recognized it was not a simple answer.

He then asked, punctuating my pensive silence with another 
question, "Daddy, are you through with school?"

Both questions silenced me. 

The answer on the child's level was obviously "No, Daddy does 
not go to school because Daddy is finished with school."

That answer would have satisfied him and would have been 
technically correct.

Writing MountainWings has subtly changed my thought patterns.

It would have satisfied my son, but it would have left a lump in 
my throat.

A big lump that tasted like a lie.

Finished school? Not hardly!

I think I learn more now than ever.

I learn more now than I did in nursery, elementary, high school 
and college.

It's not so much that the classroom has changed, but the student 
has changed.

I now recognize the opportunity to learn through all of the 
experiences that life presents to us each day.

I now recognize the benefit of that learning.

I still hadn't answered him as I steeped in these thoughts.

Sensing a need to help his father understand the question, he 
said hoping to clarify his question, "school is a building."

That also is very true.

School is a building of character, a building of knowledge, a 
building of wisdom and experience.

I think people relationships have taught me more about 
communication than English 101.

I think marriage has taught me more than Math 101 about what 
happens when you add one plus one.

I think making ends meet each month has taught me more than 
Economics 101.

Reading, Righting and Rithmatic, the three R's, life's got them 
beat as far as learning is concerned. Especially Righting is 
difficult if you understand the play on words.

My son would rather not go to school.

There are some lessons I sure don't want to repeat.

In life you can have two students with the same teacher,
one will pay attention, learn the lesson, and pass the class 
with flying colors.

Another student will become distracted, focus on things other 
than the main purpose, lose interest, fail the class, and have 
to repeat it over and over.

Many of the latter persuasion never pass but simply give up and 
move on, with the grade permanently on their record.

You have the same teacher, class and lesson but different 
students and results.

Life is a school.

The simple words of a child plunged me so deep in thought.

Were they really that simple?

Were they really the mere words of a child or a divine question 
sent through a child?

What did I finally answer my son?

"I sure am in school son, everyday, and I am not nearly 
finished, neither is my final grade tabulated."

What grade are you in?

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