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Take a deep breath

Where you able to do it?

Did it hurt?

Be Thankful


Can you see the screen?

Of course you can or else you wouldn't be reading this.

Be Thankful


Listen carefully

What do you hear?

This is what I hear 

1. My computer's fan? 
2. The refrigerator 
3. Rain 
4. My breathing 
5. The keyboard clicking as I type 
6. Every rustle of clothing and body as I move 
7. Faint noises that I can't even identify 

Be Thankful

Did you Stop, Look and Listen during the last three days?

If you are a new subscriber and didn't get the last three MountainWings,
those were three separate MountainWings issues above.

We take so much for granted. We have so much to be thankful for.

We rarely stop, look, and listen.

We rarely give thanks to be able to do such simple things as look and listen.

Today my wife received an e-mail from Dino.

Dino was my wife's personal fitness trainer when she was losing her post 
pregnancy weight. 

He is a young man in his twenties.
He is one of the most positive and energetic men that I have ever met.
Physical fitness is his passion in life.
He was training for a triathlon, a three part event consisting of swimming, 
running and bicycling.

This is the exact text of the email that my wife received.

Please forward this, to the "sponsorship" department of the organization you are 
involved in.

Din Deveaux
3875 Emerald N. Dr.
Decatur, GA 30035-2622

Recovering athlete, Din Deveaux was in an automobile accident on September 9, 
2000. He was rear-ended by a drunk driver. He spent four weeks at the 
Shepard Center, which specializes in spinal injury. He is one of the first patients 
to be released so soon do to his athletic perseverance. He sustained T-9 
Incomplete spinal cord injury and is currently recovering from that particular 
injury which causes paralysis from the waist down.

Junior Olympic Tae kwon Do Champion, Track Champion, Wrestling Champion, 
Football State Champion, Recovering Para, Para Olympic hopeful.

I am sending this letter in order to obtain funding for training, equipment, or 
travel expenses to major competitions. It is very difficult for athletes to receive 
financial assistance from major sponsors, and they are often in the position to 
borrow from family or to obtain private funding. I want to thank you in advance 
for any assistance you may possibly provide.

Broken down to reflect the cost of each items asking for. Race wheelchair 
$2,500, Training camp $1,500, Travel expenses $900, cost for training Annually 

I will turn tragedy into triumph! I will send a schedule of my events,
along with pictures, annually, to all of my potential sponsors, in order to keep 
you abridged of my success.

Contact: 404 822-6701

That was the e-mail.

Dino was rear ended by a drunk driver.

He can't stand, walk or move from the waist down.

Can you?

Stop, look, and listen.

When you hear of these stories via media it's distant.

When you know the person it's a reality.

Dino can't stand, walk, or move from the waist down and yet he is more positive 
than the vast majority that have full use of their limbs.


Because everything that I mentioned in the stop, look and listen series 
he can do.

He can breathe, see and hear. He's thankful for that.

He still has full mobility in his upper body.

He's thankful for that.

He's raising money to compete in the Para Olympics and he has friends (of which 
I am one) that will help him.

He's thankful for that.

Sooner or later you will have to get up from your computer, 
maybe to go use the bathroom.

Can you?

I mean get up.

Can you use the bathroom if you do go?

Be thankful for both of those.

Stop, Look, and Listen.
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