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Please don't look if someone offers you a view of a naked wife.

It is a tempting thing but it can have disastrous consequences.

Whether you know it or not, very soon you could be tempted by a naked wife.

Since 99% of you are the type that wouldn't look anyway, you can ignore the 
rest of today's MountainWings and just wait for tomorrows issue. For those of 
you that think you may have a slight chance of peeking at a naked wife, read on.

So, you're one of the 1% huh?

The naked wife is a computer virus. 

There is a warning on the internet news services about it so this one is real. 
Many virus scares are hoaxes but the naked wife is real.

The naked wife comes as an email that says: 

Subject: FW: Naked Wife 

My wife never look like that :) 

Best Regards, 

Attached: NakedWife.exe 

There will be an attachment that you are supposed to click on to see the naked 
wife. When you do, it starts a program that begins to erase the critical files on 
your computer. It will do this after it has emailed a copy of the naked wife email 
to everyone in your Outlook address book.

After the program does this and cripples your computer it then displays a vulgar 
message that says in essence, 
"you have been misled, tricked, and have suffered an extreme loss."

It says it much shorter than that but I can't repeat those words here.

The naked wife is dangerous. 

In complete privacy, so many will be tempted to look at the naked wife. 
So many will think "no one will know." 
So many will think they can get away with it. 

Then the naked wife strikes and they lose everything.

Imagine sitting at your office computer and you have to call the computer 
department and tell them that you have lost everything. 

They will ask what happened. 

You will be ashamed to tell them that you were trying to see the naked wife. 

People think you are not the kind of person that would look at such a thing.

Not only will the computer department know that you tried to see the naked wife 
but everyone in your email address book will know too. They won't be able to 
accuse you though because their computers will be crippled when they try to see 
the naked wife. Unless all of your friends are in the categories below.

This virus has the potential to spread very rapidly. 

The naked wife is not entirely unheard of. There was an ancient variation. 

David peeked.

The naked wife will not take in three types of people. 

1. Those that see an Internet news warning 
2. MountainWings subscribers 
3. Those with pure minds and have no desire to see the naked wife.

Be sure to forward this warning to all of your friends except those in category 

I have one friend in category 3 that I don't need to warn. 

I don't have to worry about forwarding it to them though because they are very 
old and can't see the screen very well.

Please beware of the naked wife.

Don't peek at the naked husband either.
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