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Daddy, I Like School

Today my son said:

"Daddy, I like my school . . . 
but I don't like to go to school."

I paused.

"How can this little boy give me so much to think about?"

Maybe it's because he talks straight without making it PC 
(parentally or politically correct).

He speaks straight from the heart. 

That's something that you rarely get out of adults, unless they 
are either very angry or very drunk, then it's the worst of 
what's in the heart.

"Daddy, I like my school . . . but I don't like to go to 

I try my very best to make the working environment at my company 
as pleasant as possible. For the most part I've succeeded. 
The employees state that they like or love their job and the 
work environment.

Yet. . .

"Daddy, I like my school . . . but I don't like to go to 

I hear some employees saying in the truthfulness of my son's 

"I like my job. . . but I don't like to come to work."

I am going to work with my son to get him to really like his 

Something that you really like, you will like to do.

You won't hear someone say, "I really like chocolate chip 
cookies, but I don't like to eat them."

You won't hear that. You may hear them say they struggle NOT to 
eat them, but not that they don't like to eat them.

You won't hear, "I really like money, but I just don't want 

You won't hear, "I really like compliments, but I don't want 

Something that you really like, unless you are forbidden to do 
it, or it's just too costly, you do it, especially if it's 
somewhat expected that you do it.

That little statement made me start reevaluating how I spend my 

Do you REALLY like it?

Do you REALLY like spending time with your family?

I'm not talking about in-laws and outlaws, but your immediate 

What about the friend that you say you really like to talk to 
but you haven't talked to or seen in months? Do you REALLY?

What about you saying that you like to go to church, 
but you get antsy when it runs 15 minutes over.

Do you really?

What about_________________? (fill in the blank)

We all have these things that we claim to like, we just don't 
want to do them.

I am going to start working with my son to help influence him to 
like going to school. One way is to start asking him each day 
about his day and going over his activities in school with him.

After all, I really like spending quality time with him.

Straight from the heart.

What do you REALLY like?

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