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My first complete day on my Jamaican vacation

The popular television show, "Temptation Island," has nothing on Jamaica.

Their advertising slogan is "Come to Jamaica and feel alright."

This is a party island. 

At every corner someone asks you if you want buy some Ganja.

That's marijuana.

Women walk the beach and the streets scantily clad. 
The music beats from every doorway.
The food is delicious. 
This is proverbial wine, women, and song.

That's one side.

There is more gospel music on mainstream TV in Jamaica than in America.
There is a great gospel FM station here.
Jamaica's gospel is closer to true spiritual music. 
With much of American gospel you can't tell if it's gospel or R&B.

One extreme seems to foster another.

I am here with my two younger brothers. 
All of us are married and all of us are ministers. 

We came to Jamaica to get some sun and rest. 
On the beach at our hotel beautiful women prance around with no tops.
Topless is not against the law in Jamaica. 
You sometimes have to learn to rest in the middle of restless conditions. 

Temptation island is rough on us ministers.

If any church members are reading this MountainWings, you can rest assured 
that your pastors kept their eyes firmly planted on the sand and waves as topless 
women pranced by.


Planted on the sand and ocean waves, that is.

How do normal, healthy men handle such a place and remain at peace and do 
the right thing?

The same way that you need to handle Temptation Island. 

We all have Temptation Islands. 
And sooner or later we all are stranded on them.

Tomorrow, some keys on handling temptation island.

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See you tomorrow.
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