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How To Handle Temptation Island #1

On our second day in Jamaica we had the typical tourist's day minus the ganja 
and a few other things.

We practiced some basic principles of surviving temptation island.

You're saying, "but you are in Jamaica, that's different. That's a different culture 
and a different latitude. It's different over there."

No it isn't.

It's the same thing, it's just a little more direct and no one knows in Jamaica.

You'll be surprised what people will do when they don't think anyone back at 
home will find out. Many people that walk the beach topless in Jamaica 
would never do that at a beach where people they knew frequented.

Rule #1 of temptation island:
Behave as if someone you admire and respect is watching you.

Whether you know it or not, someone is watching.

Behavior is different based on who's looking.

There is a saying that you should always dance like no one's watching. 
You should dance, and sing, and play like no one is watching. 
There are some things you should let yourself go at.

There are other things where you need to keep yourself. 
If you let yourself go, someone will catch you whose hands are not too clean.

In Jamaica, as on all temptation islands, you need to dance like someone is 

There is a good rule of thumb that I always counsel people with. 
It's simple and it helps them to stay out of trouble.
It's the watching rule.

Do I tell them to behave as if God is watching? No.

Many have no idea what, who, why, where or even if God exists. 
That's too nebulous for many. 

I tell them this:
Act as if you would have to tell your grandmother what you did each day.

The vast majority can relate to that. They may have questions about God, but 
they know about Grandma. Most Grandmas are good. Most grandchildren don't 
want to disappoint Grandmas.

Grandma was holding up fine until the one in the purple bikini waltzed by and 

Rule #2 of Temptation Island tomorrow.

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