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Temptation Island (cont.) Our 2nd day in Jamaica

"What would grandma think about this?" is always a good question to ask 
yourself to keep yourself out of trouble. We had grandma, wives, mother, and a 
church congregation to think about.

That was working fine until the one in the purple bikini waltzed by and 
winked. Did she really wink? I don't know but it had the same effect.

She didn't just walk by, she sauntered by. She knew she was being watched and 
wanted to make absolutely sure of it.

Slowly and deliberately she stepped while the three ministers lay in the sun.

She blocked our sun for a brief moment as she caused a minor eclipse.

Did you see that my brother asked? 

"See what?" I responded.

My wife reads MountainWings.

Since he called the phenomenon blocking the sun to my attention, out of 
scientific curiosity I turned my head to observe.

She daintily stepped into the water as if on stage. 
She never really swam. She just went into the very warm water waist deep, 
turned around a few times and then got out.

She walked in front of us again. She had a huge grin on her face. 
It was actually more like a smirk. She knew she was well proportioned and 
would throw most men's minds and hormones into a frenzy.

Little did she realize that we were thinking about Grandma.

The brother in the middle never said a word. The younger one then quoted 
rule #2 on temptation island:

"You can't flirt, talk, or even look too hard at something tempting."

Your temptation island may be a refrigerator. You can't walk by, open the door, 
and stare at the half a gallon of cherry vanilla ice cream that's your favorite.

You can't challenge it. It has patience. You have desire. 

If you stare at it you not only have desire but a good degree of stupidity as well.

Don't flirt with something that's tempting.

Even a simple, "hot out here isn't it?" can start you down the wrong road.

Remember this: 
With all temptations, you can never fall if you never take the first step.

Trying to stand and face off with something that is highly desirable is not a good 
idea. You will never prove how strong you are. 

You will only find out where your breaking point is, even ministers

I thought about Grandma and stared at the beautiful waves.

The ocean waves.

Then I smelled it and an old familiar desire came flooding back.

Tomorrow, rule #3 on temptation island.

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