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Dad Dee is the most precious word that I hear.

My two-year-old calls me that.

The odd thing is, it's incorrect.

I am his father, the word and meaning are correct, 
just the pronunciation is wrong.

It should be pronounced "Dad e" with the accent on the first syllable not the 

My son pronounces it "Dad Dee" with the accent and an extra D on the second 

It's absolutely grammatically incorrect.

Yet it is perfect.

You see, its wrong, but its right. 

It's sincere.

I would rather have a two year old mispronouncing the word, but saying it with 
love, than the most articulate person addressing me with grandiose titles, 
but a mischievous heart and purpose.

It is better to have someone say "I sho do luv you" and mean it, 
than to have them eloquently recite, "my dearest, I have admiration, adoration, 
and emotional depth of feeling for you that my heart cannot contain. Each time 
the thought of you crosses my mind it echoes upon my trembling lips as I 
impatiently call your name waiting on your. . ." 

You get my drift.

If you have perfect facility of language at your disposal, that's great. 
I appreciate and prefer fine diction, 
but I value honesty of heart a million times more.

My two-year-teaches me each day that all of man's so called perfection pales in 
comparison to the pure things of the spirit.

Esteemed father, parental overseer, Mr. Bronner, my beloved parent, most 
respected and honored father, all of those titles are nice. They reek of respect 
and position. They have their place.

As I get out of a car that modern technology says is one of the most advanced 
vehicles on the planet and open the door to house I await a voice.

It's a shrill voice. A voice that lacks maturation and the power of masculine 
bass. It is a voice that cannot discuss the deeper things of life, technology, 
business, or worldly events. It is a voice that would not even understand the 
concept of MountainWings.

The voice has a very limited vocabulary. 
Only a few words grace the lips of the two year old.

I am boss over many people at work. 
I can look around each day and claim material ownership of much. 

That's nice.

All of the world's stuff is nice, but it pales in comparison to that little voice.

When I hear that little voice, with that little incorrectly pronounced word, 
the whole world stops. No matter what has transpired that day, that little word 
sends warmth, joy, and sunshine to make life as bright as a cloudless 
midsummer's day.

Dad Dee

What's not perfect in your life? 

but yet is. . .

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