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Have you ever wondered where the universal gesture of nodding your head 
up and down to mean "Yes" and shaking it from side to side to mean "No" 
came from?

No matter what language you speak, country you travel to, religion you practice, 
race you claim, your social status, educational achievement, or economic status, 
we all nod or shake our heads to mean "Yes" or "No".


The answer illustrates how early habits are formed and that some things are 
intrinsic to all humans.

Watch a newborn baby.

Watch it when it's hungry.

As it seeks it's mother's breast, the head nods up and down searching for the 
source of nourishment.

When baby finds the breast it latches on and fills up. 

The action calms the baby and calms the mother. 

Ask any woman that has breast fed a baby. 

There is little else more soothing for them both.

Look at the same baby after it's full and the mother tries to push the breast into 
the baby's face. 

It shakes its head from side to side telling mama that it's full and doesn't want 
any more milk or comfort from the breast.

It doesn't want any milk or comfort and it won't give mama any comfort.

That's where nodding and shaking came from.

Interesting isn't it?

Notice another thing.

Nod and you have a tendency to smile.

Shake your head and you have a tendency to frown.

Try it now and see.

Warmth and comfort given in pure love always brings a smile.

Refusing warmth and comfort given in love always brings a frown sooner or 

The next time you nod or shake. . . 

Think about that. 

It gives the milk of human kindness a whole new meaning.

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