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Ever had a BIG blooper moment?

The receptionist from the office just called.

The receptionist asked, "are you supposed to be speaking somewhere at 8:30 
this morning?"

She gave me the name and number of a young lady that I had spoken to over a 
month ago.

A sinking feeling went through me. 

It was 8:34.

I was still in underwear sitting at the computer.

I called the young lady.

"I've got 200 people sitting in an auditorium waiting on you to speak," she said.

I am not a cursing man but if I was. . .

I had completely forgotten about it. 

I had put the speaking engagement in my organizer. 
I checked to see if it had gone to bits and bytes heaven. 
The appointment was still there.

It was on my home computer, it was on my office computer and my handheld 
organizer since they all sync together. 

How had I missed it?

Talk about Blooperville USA.

There are times when apologies are insufficient. You feel as if you can't say that 
you are sorry enough times and in some cases you can't.

Everyone has bloopers. Some make them more than others but we all make 
them. Most often when we make bloopers, it is in an area that we are prone to 
make them. 

That was my area. . . forgetting things.

I've instructed my assistant to remind me of things. 
I forgot to give my assistant that speaking appointment.

So here I sit in my underwear feeling stupid.

I have already written two MountainWings on making mistakes. It's a good time 
for me to read them again. If you make mistakes occasionally, maybe you 
should go and read them too. 


Maybe you should read them again even if you've read them before.

Click here to read "Misteaks Happen" 

Click here to read "The Error"

The speaking engagement was rescheduled. You can rest assured this will not 
happen again. I will be there early.

I've got to go get dressed and try to keep from feeling very stupid.

Go read them - Now.

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