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The MountainWings that you received yesterday was not blank.

If you look carefully, you'll see there was a single period just as above.

This is ONE of the meanings of a period, meaning number ten.
10. A punctuation mark ( . ) indicating a full stop, placed at the end of declarative 
sentences and other statements thought to be complete, and after many abbreviations.

That simple dot has many different definitions, 22 in fact.

It is the smallest mark in the English language and perhaps in any other language.
It is the smallest possible mark that a pen or pencil can make.
It is the smallest mark but it has the most meanings. 

Interesting that the smallest would be the biggest.

Most of the meanings of the term period refers to something that lasts for a time 
then ends. Language needs periods, so does life.

You've got to know when to end some things. You've got to have periods in life.

I like to rest, relax, and enjoy myself. That's great, but there is a time when 
rest, relaxation and enjoyment must end.

I like to work. That's great, but there is a time when work must end.

I like to eat, sleep, laugh and most of the other things that we all like to do. 
Each of them has a period.

Some periods are longer than other. Some sentences require more words and 
phrases to convey their meaning. Some don't.

Understand that life consists of periods. Life itself is a period.

There are periods of rapid development often masquerading as great stress and 
unsettling times. 

There are periods when the night is much longer than the day.

There are periods when the night seems to draw on and daylight on our 
situations seems to take forever.

Remember, it's just a period. It's just a little thing. It's necessary.

Also understand that after the period comes the beginning of another. . .

No matter what it is, good or bad, remember, it's just a period.
A little thing in the vast span of time.
A little thing that is so small that most miss it.

. A MountainWings Original

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