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Back Around Up

A famous quote says,
"sorry looks back, worry looks around, faith looks up"

There is absolutely nothing that you can do about yesterday, last year, 
or the last century.

There are a multitude of things that I would have done differently if I could do them 
over. Maybe I would be in better shape but who knows?

I wouldn't have fallen off my motorcycle at 14 if I could do it over. That hurt.

But if I hadn't have fallen off, I wouldn't have become such a seat belt advocate.
Many of my family members had major auto crashes and may have been killed if 
they hadn't been wearing their seat belts. They might not have had them on if I hadn't 
fallen off of that motorcycle.

But that hurt.

There are so many things that we would do differently if we could because we would eliminate the hurt.


How many of you are doing fine "under the circumstances"?

UNDER? That's right, UNDER.

"Circum" means "around", stance means where you stand or your point of view..

So whatever is "around" your "attitude and point of view" are your circumstances.

Many times you can't change what's around you but you can change your attitude and point of view. 

When you change that for the better, you'll get out from UNDER your circumstances.

Stop worrying. 

There isn't a thing that worrying will help. 
There is plenty that worrying will hurt. 
If it can't help anything, but can hurt plenty, is it wise to worry? 

Of course not.

Faith believes that things will get better. 
Wisdom sees that it's pretty good now. 
Thankfulness knows that it could be a lot worse. 

You are NOT Under Your Circumstances!

Unless of course, that's where you stand on the issue.

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