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Stop Do NOTHING!!!

You need to rest and take a break sometimes.

I can go into a long psychological and physiological explanation of why you need 
to do this but most of you instinctively know this.

You know that you need to stop, rest, and take a break sometimes.

We all know it but often we are slaves, and slaves aren't usually given sufficient 

Most of you are saying, "I'm not a slave!"

This is the EXACT dictionary definition of a slave:
slave n. 1. One bound in servitude as the property of a person or household. 
2. One who is abjectly subservient to a specified person or influence. 
3. One who works extremely hard. 

According to statistics, we work now longer than ever. Two jobs, or one job that 
we work more than 50 hours a week is commonplace. 


Because we often feel that we have to.

Money is not usually stacked in the bank. 
We are usually slaving to pay current bills.

I was on the board of directors of a bank for years. The determining factor in 
how much to lend someone is not how much they can comfortably pay, but how 
much they can pay under a strain.

When looking for a house, most don't consider how much they can comfortably 
pay, but how much the bank will lend them.

The number one credit card world wide is called, MASTERcard.

The name is no accident. 

If one is the Master, that means the other is the . . . 

The CARD is usually the master.

Yes, and the best slave is the one that doesn't realize it.

The high credit card bills, the high mortgages and rent, the high car notes, etc. 
makes it where most can't even take a relaxing time to themselves.

We have become slaves and don't realize it.

Divine law tries to prevent us from becoming slaves.

We are all familiar with the ten commandments whether we agree with them or 
not. The first commandment where we are told something to do is the fourth 
commandment. It says to work six days and to rest on the seventh day.

That's a principle not only of human flesh, it's a principle of dirt. Any good 
farmer will tell you that to get maximum production from farm land, you need to 
plant six years and let the ground sit idle for the seventh year.

I own my business. 

That can enslave you, more than working for someone else if you let it.

The key is to recognize truth. 

Recognize an enslaver, whether it is a job, a business, a car, a relationship, or 
whatever wraps you so tight that you can't even rest once a week or once in a 

You don't have to go to Jamaica. Go spend a weekend with Grandma.

Go somewhere and do exactly what I am about to tell you.

Go rest, you deserve it, and you shouldn't be a slave.

This is the outline of your duties while you rest between the quotes:

" "

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