MountainWings - The Daily Inspirational E-Mail #1104
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Last week, I was in Orlando Florida, the home of Disney World.

I have the MountainWings subscriber list computer automated. It sends 
automatically each morning. The computer automatically adds or removes 
subscribers as they request it without any human intervention.

I had pre-written enough MountainWings so that I could spend the vacation with 
my family for seven days. I generally take my laptop with me when I travel. 
That's a computer laptop, not the lap my wife sits in.

Everything went great for the first six days but on the seventh day I didn't get a 
MountainWings. The program was stuck and it didn't send.

I had to get on the phone and go through some serious technical stuff to get 
MountainWings sent that day. MountainWings finally was mailed, although late.

I never figured out what happened. The computer program just quit after six 
days. Computers shouldn't get tired, only humans do that.

Often when things happen there is no discernable pattern. It's just an accident 
or a random occurrence. There are other times when we read meanings into 
events in life. This was one of those times.

My computer worked six days then rested.

Maybe life was trying to tell me something.

I write, select, or edit a new MountainWings for each day, seven days a week.
A principle that I have in life is to try to be an example, don't just tell someone 
to do something. Show them how it's supposed to be done.

So I've decided to rest from MountainWings one day per week. I won't write, 
edit, or select a new MountainWings on Saturday, that's my day of rest.

Don't worry, you will still receive MountainWings seven days a week, Saturday 
will just be a rerun. Many of you have subscribed recently so there are plenty of 
MountainWings that you have not read. Many of the MountainWings are not on 
the site when you click on Past Issues.

I usually will re-read a MountainWings before I put it on the website and guess 
what? I get just as much when I read it over. I wrote it, and yet, I receive new 
revelation and inspiration when I read it again. Repetition has its value. If 
something is good and meaningful, you will often receive just as much or more 
upon reading it again.

I see so many around me that don't know how or when to rest. We are 
conditioned for the constant grind.

This writer is going to rest at least one day a week so expect a vintage issue on 

Unless my computer decides to take a rest again too.

A MountainWings Original

Laugh for the Day:
Three engineers and three accountants are traveling by train to a conference.
At the station, the three accountants each buy tickets and watch as the three
engineers buy only a single ticket.

"How are three people going to travel on only one ticket?" asks an

"Watch and you'll see," answers an engineer.

They all board the train. The accountants take their respective seats but all
three engineers cram into a restroom and close the door behind them. Shortly
after the train has departed, the conductor comes around collecting tickets. 

He knocks on the restroom door and says, "Ticket, please."

The door opens just a crack and a single arm emerges with a ticket in hand.
The conductor takes it and moves on.

The accountants saw this and agreed it was quite a clever idea. So after the
conference, the accountants decide to copy the engineers on the return trip
and save some money (being clever with money, and all that). When they get
to the station, they buy a single ticket for the return trip. To their astonishment,
the engineers don't buy a ticket at all.

"How are you going to travel without a ticket?" says one perplexed accountant.

"Watch and you'll see," answers an engineer.

When they board the train the three accountants cram into a restroom and the
three engineers cram into another one nearby. The train departs. 

Shortly afterward, one of the engineers leaves his restroom and walks over to 
the restroom where the accountants are hiding. 

He knocks on the door and says, Ticket, please."

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See you tomorrow.
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