#1108  That Hill

Are you running that hill or is that hill running you?

I was jogging, sweating, and breathing rather hard. I had jogged about 3 miles 
and I wasn't even halfway yet. As I was jogging up a hill a man about my age 
stood in his front yard watching me run. He stood cool and comfortable as 
sweat enveloped my body. No rapid breaths came from his lungs.

He looked at me as if to say, "I'm not fool enough to do that in this heat."

He spoke and said rather jokingly, 
"are you running that hill or is that hill running you?"

MountainWings has changed my thought patterns.

So many of you have written and expressed how MountainWings has influenced 
your lives and thinking. It has changed me too. I now instantly recognize a 
MountainWings moment. It's a moment in time and circumstance when life 
gives me an opportunity to fly or flop.

All of us have MountainWings moments each day, this was mine for the day.

Was the hill running me or was I running the hill?

Is the obstacle that you are facing running you or are you running it?

It makes a difference which way you look at it.

I don't like to flop. I prefer to fly. Although said jokingly, I took the question 
seriously. I decided I was not going to let any hill run me.

The thing is, the hill doesn't care. 

The hill will be there, as unmoving and unconcerned as a tired dog watching cars 
from the porch on a hot day.

Is your utility bill up? That's a hill.
Are they putting pressure on you at work? That's a hill.
Do you have some mean people in your life? That's a hill.
Are you getting older? That's a blessing though it looks like a hill.

I have decided that no hill was going to run me.

I stepped high and spoke in my mind to the hill, "thanks for the workout, 
because of you I'm getting a real run that will make me stronger. You may put a 
strain on me but I'll be in better shape for you next time. If it wasn't for you, I 
would be weaker. Besides, in reality, I've got you under my feet."

The hill didn't respond but faded in the distance as my stride lengthened. 

Who's in charge of your hill?

Are you running that hill or is that hill running you?

Each day presents us with hills.

Hills, bills, chills, spills, thrills, deals, kills, pills, wills, and nils. . .

We have them all sooner or later.

Are they running you or are you running them?

Each hill or uphill climb in our lives tries to tire us, make us quit, or at the 
very least, make us complain.

You can't avoid getting tired. 

I don't care how much exertion your physical or mental conditioning can withstand, 
a steep enough hill will make you tired.

Whether the hill is running you doesn't depend upon whether you are tired. 
There are those who are tired even though they are sitting in rocking chairs.

The hill runs you when it gets you down. I refuse to let that happen. 
I know the hills make me stronger, that's why I run them. 
Every hill in my life has made me stronger. 

If you run your hills instead of them running you, 
they will make you stronger, too. 

You'll be in better shape. 

You'll get tired, but eventually the same hill will get easier and easier.

One day, even the hills will be no challenge. 

You'll seek a mountain.

Don't worry, you've got Wings.

Are you running that hill or is that hill running you?

A MountainWings Original

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