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Bosses of a publishing firm are trying to work out why no one noticed that
one of their employees had been sitting dead at his desk for FIVE DAYS before 
anyone asked if he was feeling okay. George Turklebaum, 51, who had been 
employed as a proofreader at a New York firm for 30 years, had a heart attack in 
the open-plan office he shared with 23 other workers.

He quietly passed away on Monday, but nobody noticed until Saturday morning
when an office cleaner asked why he was still working during the weekend.
His boss Elliot Wachiaski said: "George was always the first guy in each morning 
and the last to leave at night, so no one found it unusual that he was in the 
same position all that time and didn't say anything. He was always absorbed in 
his work and kept pretty much to himself."

A post mortem examination revealed that he had been dead for five days after 
suffering a coronary. Ironically, George was proofreading manuscripts of 
medical textbooks when he died.

You may want to give your co-workers a nudge occasionally.....

The above story is interesting. . .

but it's not true.

You may have been sent this story, I was. Already the estimates are that it has been 
sent via email to over 100,000 people. It sounds very believable. Several newspapers
ran this story as true so it fooled a ton of people.

George's fictitious plight hit a nerve with so many in corporate America. 
Sometimes you feel as if no one cares what happens to you. George 
Turklebaum was shown the ultimate indifference to his plight.

Whoever wrote this understood the state of the American worker. We can feel 
alone, isolated, unimportant, and that no one cares what happens to us. The 
Turklebaum story took it to another level.

MountainWings tries to get you to see that you are never truly alone. That the 
world (including corporate) is a beautiful place, that just happens to have a few 
ugly spots. 

No one is deceased at his or her desk in your office, but there are those that are 
in pain, grieving, alone, lost, confused, and just need a friend or a hug.

You do need to give your co-workers a nudge occasionally. Nudge them to 
bright side, nudge them to see the light, nudge them to wake up.

Tickle them in the side.

You be the MountainWings in the life of a co-worker.

Why not?

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