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My Jeep battery was dead this morning.

I had just returned from a weeklong trip.

The Jeep is only six months old. The battery is big and new. 
I hadn't left any lights on. 
What happened with the Jeep happens to many of us.

I had three power adapters plugged into the cigarette lighter sockets. I had 
installed a triple cigarette lighter socket. I don't smoke but I have a lot of 
gadgets that need plugging up. I have three cell phones. What in the world do 
I need with three cell phones? That's another story. None of the phones were 
plugged up, only the three power adapters were plugged up, and their little LED 
lights were glowing.

I knew the LED lights had very low power drains, but yet, these three little lights 
killed a big, powerful, and new battery.

That illustrated a very important life lesson.

Constant withdrawals without deposits will eventually run your account dry. 
No matter how small the withdrawal, sooner or later, your account will run dry.

That's what happens with most marriages. 

Little by little, day-by-day, small withdrawals are made from the love bank. 
A slight criticism here, a minor remark there, a compliment opportunity missed, 
and the love bank in a few years is dry. 

The relationship won't start.

In all things, make sure that you add more than you take. 
No matter how small, let the trickle be positive. 

When you do that, not only will your own battery never run dry, 
you'll have enough power left over to boost someone else off. 

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