#1123  Babies Cry More

"How's it going Mr. Peterson?"

"It's a dog eat dog world Woody, 
and I'm wearing Milk Bone underwear."

That's a greeting from Norm on the TV show Cheers.

All of us have one of those days.
Some of us have one of those seasons.
Some even have one of those lives.

It feels like the world is chewing on us.

It isn't, it just feels that way.

I have long realized that life isn't really what it is,
it's what we think it is based on relative things and our 
knowledge level.

If you have traveled extensively, you know that in many parts of 
the world just clean drinking water is a rarity. 

We flush with clean drinking water.

So many of us have so much when you compare it. Those of you 
that are reading this have access to the net, email, and a 

You can see and you are not reading this from a hospital.

We have so much yet there is an innate tendency to complain. 
I tried to think of the easiest point in our lives to see if we 
complained then.

Babies have perhaps the easiest life around.
Babies don't have to go the toilet because mama changes their 
diapers. Mama breast feeds them, or gives them a bottle, rocks 
them to sleep, and lets them sleep as much as they want.

Babies go the bed when they want.
Babies wake up when they want.

Babies don't have to work.
Babies don't have to deal with bills or bosses.
Babies don't worry if their thighs have gotten too fat or if 
their hair is receding.

It's as easy as it gets.

With all of that, 
babies cry more.

Babies cry more, with all of that.

Maybe it's not circumstances, but the closer we are to babies 
(regardless of circumstances) the more we cry and complain.

I shall leave you with that thought.

Babies cry more.

With all of that.

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