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Don't give me anything healthy!

That's what he said.

I was sitting in the chair getting my hair styled.
I used to get it cut, but now I get it styled.

The stylists were ordering lunch. 
One ordered plenty of vegetables, it was a generally healthy lunch.

The other literally ordered everything unhealthy.

He said to the person going to get the food,
"don't give me anything healthy!"

He meant it. It was his choice.

Life always has choices between the healthy and the unhealthy.

Not just with food, but will all things. 

Everything that you buy is either healthy or unhealthy for your finances. 
Every word to your spouse is either healthy or healthy for your relationship.
Every bite of Life is one way or the other.

Thanks for choosing MountainWings, 
it's healthy for your spirit and outlook.

It's always your choice.

Choose wisely.

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