#1128  The Bus Ride

This is a story submitted by a MountainWings subscriber. 
I copied and pasted it "as is" here. 

There are no grammar corrections and no changes.


I visited my Aunt this summer, and decided to make the 1000 
mile move to be with her. On boarding the bus "home" I was 
going to get my things and my mom to make the final move. My 
cousin gave me $20 for the trip which was plenty for me and my 7 
year old to have money to eat with. That was until we had to 
take a detour to another city and had an extra 4 hours added to 
our waiting time. 

In saint Louis Mo. I had run out of money and had no food left. 
I called my Mom and anyone else I could think of. No one had 
any money. So when I got on the bus, I said a silent prayer. 
"God, I don't have any more money and my baby is hungry what am 
I going to do. As soon as I finished this silent prayer and 
finished putting my baggage in the rack, the gentleman behind me 
said, "Excuse me Miss, but I am a Diabetic and I always have to 
bring food with me when I travel, and I have some left over. 
Would you and your son like to have it? 

I just stared at him. Then I said to him, "You are an answer to 
my prayer. I just told God that I was put of $ and I needed to 
feed my son." So he emptied the contents of his bag and gave me 
2 bananas, 2 twinkies, and 2 jello cups. I graciously accepted 
this man's gift from my Heavenly Father and I sat in my seat and 
cried. I prayed that God bless him richly, and make his way 

Then he said, "Come here." so I leaned over and he said 
"The Spirit of The Lord told me to give this to you," and he 
gave me $5. 

This may not seem like much, but let me tell you, I cried even 
harder and believe it or not when we stopped again our meal came 
to $5.10.