#1129  The Big Lottery Winner

How would you feel if you won the lottery?

I mean a really big one, like 100 million or so?

Pretty good huh?

That's what I thought.

If you won 100 million that would undoubtedly make your day.
It won't make your life but I will admit, it will do a pretty 
good job of making your day.

It would be hard to convince anyone that you weren't very 
fortunate if you won a big lottery.

Which prize is greater, money or life?

Do you know how many sperm are released from the average male 
during the act of procreation?

Approximately 300 million sperm are released. 
Only one fertilizes the egg.
Each sperm will produce a different person with different 

300 million sperm compete in a race to fertilize the egg. 

The one that wins makes the baby.

You won.

Out of 300 million, you won. 

You got life.

The lottery has odds of around fifty something million to one.
You won a race with odds of 300 million to one.

You won a greater prize than money in a race with greater odds 
than the lottery.

You won life.

Studies have shown that most big lottery winners aren't as happy 
five years later. I have a friend that knew two people who won 
over 50 million dollar lotteries. I asked my friend, were your 
friends happier before they won or now?

My friend paused in deep thought as they compared in their minds 
their friends before and after their big win.

"They were happier before they won," 
my friend replied.

I know countless that have won the prize of life.

Unfortunately, they, like the big lottery winners, 
often end up sad.

The thing about life. . . 
Not only did you win the initial race, 
each morning that you wake up you've won again.

Don't be like the typical big lottery winner.

Celebrate the win.

Celebrate the day.

Recognize the prize.

Each day.

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