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#1131 Wings Over The Mountains of Life

The Weakest Link

Who Wants To Be ...The Weakest Link??

Hopefully, no one.

The phrase "weakest link" immediately conjures images of a chain 
whose links are tightly and strongly bound --- all except one. 
That's the one that's not as tightly secured, and the slightest 
yank or extra ounce of weight would cause the chain to succumb 
to the pressure at any moment.

Being the weakest link is not a compliment. It implies ill 
preparation, inadequate skills, and not having the proper 
abilities to get the job done. It implies that everyone else is 
strong and responsible, but you offer no positive contribution. 

There's a popular game show on television called 
"The Weakest Link." 

During the game, a team of players answers a series of trivia 
questions. After each round, team members vote off one of their 
teammates --- the one who the majority feel is "the weakest 
link" the person who didn't answer enough questions correctly, 
or the person who didn't add enough money to the bank. 

This show could easily be revamped to be called "The Strongest 
Link," where team members decide following each round who they 
want to keep. 

The producers knew that naming the show "The Weakest Link" 
would be more appealing to the population at large because we 
prefer to witness other people's downfalls and failures more 
than we want to witness their successes and victories. 

When we are the strongest link, we rejoice with those who are 
rejoicing, and we lend a helping hand to those who need one. 

You may not know all the answers, and you may not have all the 
money, but you can still choose to impact someone's life, and 
place a mark on it that can never be erased. 

So, instead of claiming to be the weakest link, or assigning 
that title to someone else, choose to be a powerful, potent and 
vital force. 

Choose to help others achieve that same goal. And, remember: 
Part of the responsibility of being the strongest link, is 
teaching those who will follow you.

Be the strongest link. 
Strive to be irreplaceable.
Strive to be valuable. 
Strive to be indispensable, knowing that without you, 
no one else wants to play on the team.

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