#1138  The Rusty Car

A car transport trailer pulled up to the house with ten cars. 
The driver got out and rang the doorbell. Clad only in a 
housecoat and slippers, the owner of the house answered the 

"I have two Rolls Royce's, two Ferraris, a Bentley, a Cadillac, 
a Mercedes, a Corvette, a Porsche, and an old Impala. All of 
the cars are brand new except for the Impala," the driver of the 
transport trailer said.

"What are you parked in front of my house for?" the homeowner 

"The cars are for you. You have an anonymous benefactor who 
has given you ten cars. There is no charge, there is no 
obligation, you don't even have to say thanks. If you don't 
want the cars I can take them back immediately and tell him to 
never send you anything again and he won't," said the driver.

The homeowner was both puzzled and excited. Who was this 
person? Who in the world would give such valuable gifts without 
a single string attached? Looking at the shiny new cars the 
excitement grew.

"Will you sign this delivery receipt and this form that gives 
you the titles to all of the cars?" the driver asked.

"Sure," the homeowner said. It was like winning the lottery.

With the titles freshly in hand the homeowner went to inspect 
the newfound treasures more closely.

"Wow!" the homeowner thought examining each car as they 
gleamed and shined in the bright sunlight.

"Magnificent, and I didn't have to pay one dime for them," said 
the homeowner.

Then the homeowner approached the Impala. It was old and had 
seen its better days decades ago. The paint was rusted. The 
tires were worn. It didn't even look like it would run.

"Why in the world did he give me this?" the homeowner wondered.

Then the homeowner began to get angry. 

"Does he think that I would drive around in a piece of junk like 
that? It's ugly compared to the rest of these fine cars. What 
was his purpose in giving me that?"

Just then an older neighbor passed by. He stopped at the 
transport truck and admiringly viewed the cars. He inspected 
each one carefully, one by one, the Rolls, the Ferraris, but 
only the old Impala arrested his attention. 

"My goodness, I used to have one of these when I was young," the 
old neighbor recalled with a wishful look in his eyes. 

Although he admired the other cars he had no real interest in 
them. His eyes were fixed on the Impala. "Would you by any 
chance consider selling it? I'll pay you whatever you want for 

The anger at the old car was abated as the homeowner thought, 
"This is too good to be true. Nine new cars and now someone 
wants to buy this piece of junk."

That's the end of this story.

Don't understand it?

It's a parable.

"About what?"

It's about what you are reading now. It's about MountainWings.

There were a lot of comments about the issue, 
"The Bellsouth Diner." Click below if you didn't read it.

The comments spanned both extremes and they were basically split 
down the middle. 

Half really loved that issue. Half really hated it.

That issue is the Impala.

People generally love most of the issues of MountainWings
(of course there are a few grouches in everything but for the 
most part people really like the issues and the grouches usually 

Some said that they realize that MountainWings is free.

No, it is not free. MountainWings costs in both money and time.

Many of you subscribed because you saw an e-mail ad.
That ad was not free. 
It was expensive to reach out and find you.

A service now e-mails MountainWings each morning.
That is not free.

MountainWings takes valuable time that money cannot replace. 
Time is not free.

MountainWings is not free, it is a gift, just like the cars, and 
someone has to pay for it.

Some worked for the phone company and didn't like that issue. 

Try being a minister. 
People talk about ministers even more than the phone company.
You must learn to laugh at things and not take them personally.

When you lose the ability to laugh, especially at yourself,
you are more subject to breaking. Remember what they say about 
the group is not you. Just be sure you are not doing the 
negative things the group is accused of doing.

Every now and then, there is a car that only some appreciate. 

Every now and then there is an issue that only some appreciate.

Don't become a victim of the missing teeth syndrome.

"What's the missing teeth syndrome?"

Ask anyone how many teeth they are missing, how many cavities, 
or root canals they have and they usually can tell you.

Ask someone "how many good teeth do you have?" Usually people 
don't know. They have never counted them. It is a natural 
tendency to magnify the negative and minimize the positive.

I realize that many more liked the issue than didn't like it 
because the response was 50/50. You ask, "If the response was 
50/50, then how can you say many more liked it?"

Because anyone who deals with responses knows that people are 
many times more likely to say something if they are displeased 
than if they are pleased. 

Correct criticism is good. It helps you to improve if you 
listen but always understand, there will always be an Impala.

Missing teeth

Old Impalas

Fine things and questionable treasures


Even if you don't like the rusty old Impala,
Be thankful for the gifts that you do treasure,
And never let the one negative diminish the many positives.

That rule will take you a long way in life and in love.

A MountainWings Original

Thank you for inviting MountainWings in your mailbox. 
See you tomorrow.