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#1141 Wings Over The Mountains of Life

The Greatest Golfer In The World!

"Who's the greatest golfer in the world?"

That's the question the golf instructor asked my son.

As I walked in the door, the golf instructor recognized me. 
He was the same instructor that taught golf to my late father. 
He taught me.

I was bringing my son to be taught.

He looked at my son, not quite five, and asked him a question 
that anyone following the golf world would know.

He expected the universal answer. 

One man has revolutionized the sport of golf. 
Virtually every major sport has dropped in participation while 
golf has skyrocketed. The rocket that has carried the sport 
upward is one young man.

The golf pro figured that my son should know that. 

When we walked in the door, I explained that I wanted my son to 
take golf lessons.

The instructor looked down at the little boy that barely reached 
my waist and asked the famous question.

"Who's the greatest golfer in the world?"

My son without blinking an eye or missing a beat instantly 

He knew without hesitation or doubt.

"My daddy," he answered.

The instructor smiled, understanding both the correctness 
and error of the answer.

I smiled, realizing the responsibility placed within my hands 
for the shaping of a young mind.

Do you realize to someone, especially if you have children, 
you are the greatest in the world?

YOU are the greatest influence, the greatest guide, and the one
your children are most likely to imitate, not the celebrity.

Makes you feel like a Tiger doesn't it?

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