#1143  Cold & Chilly

An elderly married couple in their 80's scheduled their annual 
medical examination the same day so they could travel together. 

After the examination, the doctor then said to the elderly man: 
"You appear to be in good health. Do you have any medical 
concerns that you would like to ask me?" 

"In fact, I do," said the old man.

"After I have sex with my wife the first time, I am usually hot 
and sweaty, and then, after I have sex with my wife the second 
time, I'm usually cold and chilly."

The doctor was impressed with the octogenarian's performance yet 
baffled and had no answer for the old man. 

After examining the elderly lady, the doctor said: 
"Everything appears to be fine. Do you have any medical 
concerns that you would like to discuss with me?" 

The lady replied that she had no questions or concerns. 

The doctor then asked: "Your husband had an unusual concern. 
He claims that he is usually hot and sweaty after having sex the 
first time with you and then cold and chilly after the second 

Do you know why?"

"Oh that crazy old coot!" she replied. 

"That's because the first time is usually in July 
and the second time is usually in December!"


I wondered if anyone would be offended by the above joke. 
Probably so since it deals with sex and some feel that you 
shouldn't talk (or joke) about sex at all.

Sex is the second leading reason given for divorce (money is the 
first). This is a married couple in the joke. Tension usually 
reduces sex and reduced sex usually increases tension. I do a 
good bit of marriage counseling so believe me, I know. 

The problem in many relationships is that things stay 
cold and chilly year round. 

If we laughed more in that area, maybe that area would improve. 

Just maybe.

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