#1148  Itty Bitty Things

The un-subscribe command on Mountain Wings was not working for
the last five days (May 22-27, 2001). It's working now.

We received an e-mail from a lady who said she had tried to
un-subscribe, but she was still receiving issues. I didn't see 
how that could be possible, so I un-subscribed her and then 
checked the database. Her e-mail address was still there.

I finally tracked down what was wrong. An itty-bitty character
was missing from the un-subscribe script. I don't know how it 
disappeared, it just disappeared.

Computers are a lot like life.

An itty-bitty thing can stop or start the whole process.

Both the male sperm and the female egg are so small that no
human eyesight can see them. They are itty-bitty things.

The beginnings of most things, good or bad, are itty-bitty
things. Even MountainWings began from an itty-bitty thing.

Most affairs or marriages begin with an itty-bitty thing.
A sideward glance held a fraction of a second longer than
A casual brush of clothing.
A hello with a bit more bounce per ounce.
A smile.

Itty-Bitty things.

When you find out the true story,
you discover that most divorces begin with itty-bitty things.

What kids will remember most about their early childhood
will be an itty-bitty thing to an adult.

Maybe there was one person who needed a particular issue
of MountainWings during that period.

They would not have received it except for that itty-bitty 

If that's you, e-mail us and let us know.

For those of you who did un-subscribe and are still getting
issues, it's working now. The itty-bitty thing has been fixed
and the un-subscribe is working perfectly. Maybe it was
working perfectly all along. 

Perfection just may not be what we think.

Itty-Bitty things lead to Great Big things.

There is nothing insignificant.

This has been an itty-bitty message from MountainWings.com.

A MountainWings Original

Thank you for inviting MountainWings in your mailbox.
See you tomorrow.