MountainWings A MountainWings Moment
#1151 Wings Over The Mountains of Life


Today I began cleaning some junk mail off my desk.

I was looking for some information that someone had faxed me.
I began shedding one letter after another off my desk.
In the midst I found undeposited checks, unpaid bills, charity
requests, a phone card, junk mail, and of course, the important
information that I was originally looking for.

It reminded me so much of life.

The space on the desk represents time, the 24 hours of your day.
On it are things of varying value covering it completely.

The undeposited checks are the time that we should spend with
the relationships in our life.  Many checks expire if not cashed
within a certain time.  Over time without depositing time and
attention into our relationships our kids grow distant, our
wives grow unloved, and our Creator remains unknown.

This is the most important time we have, but yet, many times the
least used.  We often judged its value simply by the paper it is
printed on rather than by the amount of "funs" that will be
deposited into our account.

The unpaid bills are the time that you spend at work.  You need
work to pay the bills, but if you by chance don't go to work,
lights, water, phone, and heat will be cut off.

The charity requests represent the time we spend helping others.

The phone card that came represents time we spend just plain old
talking on the phone.

The important information represents the time you spend finding
your meaning in life, learning, and preparing for your destiny.

And then there was the "junk mail."

This is an area of life that often takes up the majority of the
time of our day outside of work.  If you work eight hours a day,
take an hour lunch, spend one hour in traffic getting to and
from work, sleep seven hours, eat and drink one hour, and get
ready for work and bed one hour, you only have five hours left
for the other things of life.

Of this remaining five hours most dads spend five minutes or
less of quality time with their children.  The time that they
spend listening to their wives, often they are thinking about
other things that they would rather be doing.

The time we spend with God consists of saying the Lord's prayer
before going to sleep.

Many even discard MountainWings as junk.

Most of the remaining five hours are spent on junk mail or junk
e-mail, this is mail that makes no difference in your life if you 
throw it in the trash.

Watching T.V., gossiping, video games, reading material with no
value, or even excess sleep would all fall into the junk mail

Of course life should contain a certain percentage of idle time
just to give our minds relief, but let too much pile up and all too 
quickly you find yourself not able to find the important mail on 
the desk of life.

Where do you spend your time?

A MountainWings Original
by James Bronner

Thank you for inviting MountainWings in your mailbox.
See you tomorrow.