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#1158 Wings Over The Mountains of Life

One Wish . . .

Recently I was talking to my brother about the one wish God 
granted King Solomon in the Bible. 

God told Solomon that he could have anything he wanted just by 
asking, but he had only ONE wish. 

My brother and I discussed with each other what that one wish 
would be if we were allowed one. 

Everything we came up with had some problem. 

We knew that money and power were not the thing to ask for 
because the rich fill the office of psychiatrists and many take 
pills every day for depression. Money just wasn't the answer.

We knew that revenge upon someone for something they did was 
not a good choice because what goes around comes around. 

So we started thinking about higher things like knowledge and 

We thought about it. 

We had studied religion, science, business and health all of 
our lives and there were a list of things that we knew we should 
be doing but weren't. We needed greater discipline more than 
greater knowledge and wisdom. 

I said, "Maybe what we need is the ability to program ourselves 
like computers to do those things that we know are right." When 
we thought about this request it brought to mind a robot, for it 
does only what it is programmed to do but it has no will to do 
otherwise and experiences neither pain nor joy. 

Then we discussed spiritual gifts. 

"What about the gift of prophecy?" I asked. This would help people 
know what path to take in life. Then we thought, if a man could 
see the future of anyone's life without error, that man would 
have no privacy. Everywhere he went people would be trying to 
find him, even at three in morning his phone would ring with 
people asking the question, "Can you see if my child is coming 
back home tonight?" 

Even the ability to raise the dead has problems. Imagine if any 
corpse you prayed over would miraculously resuscitate to life. 
Anytime someone died people would call you or hunt you down for 
you to come and bring their loved one back to them. 

Or what about just the ability to heal the sick without fail? 
If you had this, your peace would be lost to lines miles long 
from one hospital to the next waiting on a touch from you.

The answer to one simple wish contains a lot of information 
about the asker. It tells a lot about where you are and where 
you are going. After we discussed it long enough, we realized 
we had already been blessed with everything we needed. That 
which we didn't have, we had the ability to get. 

The revelation that came to us was that what people really want 
the most is that which they spend most of their time trying to 

If you only had one wish, what would you ask for? 

What do you spend most of your time trying to get now?

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